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CUP Information


Participation in the Pool is limited to Catholic entities that:

  1. Are listed in the Official Catholic Directory.
  2. Are members of Catholic Mutual.
  3. Are approved for admission by the Board of Trustees of CUP and Catholic Mutual.
  4. Agree to the terms and conditions of the CUP Participation Agreement, Bylaws, and Administrative Agreement.


Initiation Fee

No initiation fee is required.


This is the annual payment that is made to the Pool similar to a premium charge. The contribution amount is a function of the actual charge for coverage in the marketplace and the size and risk factors of a member. A contribution estimate can be provided upon request to a prospective member.


In order to protect the assets of the Pool and to minimize the exposure to loss, the Board of Trustees has implemented a Risk Management Program that is effective, yet cost efficient.

With a comprehensive Risk Management Program in place, identification and correction of hazardous conditions should result in a decrease in the frequency and severity of losses. The benefits gained from this program will impact not only in the liability area, but also in other lines of insurance. For example, a safety inspection may reveal a fire hazard that was previously undetected or correct a slip and fall hazard that will be beneficial for the safety of the employees.

Risk management objectives are accomplished through the utilization of Catholic Mutual:

  1. A Claim/Risk Manager (CRM) for the servicing of a CUP member. The CRM is responsible for the adjusting of liability losses and annual safety inspections.
  2. Catholic Mutual’s home office will provide the necessary support to assist a new member in the development of risk management policies.
    • Fleet Safety Policy
    • Sexual Misconduct Policy
    • Contract Review/Certificate of Insurance Policy
    • Carnivals/Bazaars/Festivals
    • Personnel Policy
    • Special Events Policy
    • Volunteer Policy
    • On-Line Training Policy
    • Parish Nurse/Health Ministry Policy
    • Security Policy
    • Passenger Van, Bus, and Shuttle Policy
  3. An annual on-site audit of a member’s insurance program is provided to ensure that policies are in place and programs are operating effectively.


Members of CUP enjoy many benefits. One of the principal benefits of belonging to CUP is that each Member "owns" a portion of the Pool's funds. With continued success, every member will continue to received direct benefits through one or more of the following:

  1. Return of Contribution
    • Charter members have received return of contributions since 1991.
  2. Broader and/or additional coverage at reduced or no cost.
  3. Lower premiums through reduced contributions.
  4. Reduced risk of loss for any one member by spreading risk amongst the pool.
  5. A viable mechanism for members to increase their level of self-insured retention.
  6. Risk Management.


Catholic Mutual Relief Society
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Paul Peterson, Executive VP & COO
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